Valuing Island Elegance

Preferred Vendors

NAMAR Event Center proudly works with the top event professionals in the Rio Grande Valley. We proudly work as a team and share a commitment to excellence.

NAMAR upholds the image of Island Elegance. Our preferred and recommended vendors know our standards, are familiar with the venue, and ensure the highest quality of service.

Rentals & Decor

The NAMAR Building comes as a blank canvas, allowing each event host to execute their dream vision for the day. The vendors that paint and illustrate your event have experience in the venue, and deliver at the highest of expectations. If interested in specific ceiling work, such as drapery, lighting, and chandeliers, see Dream Weddings on our vendor list here. Basic rentals fees start at $11 per person and increase with additional upgrades.

Catering Services

We provide a variety and diverse selection of caterer options for your event. Each caterer has a system that works efficiently and above service standards within our venue. Depending on guest count and customized menus, prices range from $15 per person to $50 per person. Check out our catering vendor list here.

Hosted Bar Service

The Hosted Bar Service for NAMAR responsibly serves guests all alcohol at your event. For more information on what’s included in the service please call or email us at [email protected].