Commonly Asked Questions

NAMAR Event Information

Congratulations on your upcoming event and thank you for choosing NAMAR Event Center! NAMAR is rented as a blank slate for you to create a custom, one-of-a-kind event.

We have created a system for working with you and the vendors needed to complete your event. Below you find answers to many of the questions you may have. We have tried to compile the most commonly asked questions regarding renting the NAMAR Building. Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. How much does it cost to rent the NAMAR Event Center for a private event?

The NAMAR Building can be reserved for $2500 on Sunday and weekdays (excluding holidays) and $3500 for events held on Fridays and Saturdays. A deposit of $1000 is required along with a signed venue rental agreement to secure your reservation.

2. How many people can the NAMAR Building accommodate?

The maximum occupancy of the NAMAR building is 200 people.

What are your vendor restrictions and approved vendor policy?

The NAMAR Building requires that you hire preferred vendors for catering, bar service and rentals.
For all other services you may hire any professional vendor of your choice. Professional vendors may be asked to provide a business license, proof of insurance or other credentials to verify that they are well qualified and properly certified to work on the premises. Please view the VENDORS tab on this website for more information on our Preferred Vendor List.

4. What is the alcohol policy?

A professional bar service will provide the bartenders, basic bar supplies and ice. You will supply the alcohol at your own expense. Only TABC certified bartenders employed by a professional bar service may serve and distribute the alcoholic beverages on the premises. For more information on NAMAR’s beverage policy, please review the Venue Rental Agreement.

5. Is there a damage deposit required for my event?

NAMAR will collect a refundable $500 damage deposit 30 days before your event date. As long as the building and the property remains undamaged following your event, your deposit will be refunded to you within 30 days after your event.

6. Am I required to hire a security guard for my event?

No. NAMAR does not require that you hire a security guard for your event. However, if you feel that you might need a security guard or would feel more comfortable having professional security on hand during your event, please speak to the venue manager about your concerns prior to your event date. NAMAR works with a professional security company that can provide this service for you.

7. May I have my ceremony on the NAMAR property?

Yes. When you rent the building, you may host your ceremony before the reception on the lawn or brick patio. These outdoor areas are weather permitting. One of our approved party rental companies can assist you in providing the ceremony chairs, arbors and other ceremony furnishings.

8. Do you require event insurance?

We do not “require” event insurance. However, for all events in which alcohol is being served it is highly recommended. Your home, auto or renter’s insurance provider may offer event policies. There are several online companies that specialize in single day event insurance. Obtaining coverage is fairly easy and affordable. Proof of your insurance coverage should be provided to NAMAR at least 30 days before your event date.

9. Am I required to hire a wedding or event planner for my event?

It is highly recommended that you hire a planner or coordinator for your event. A professional coordinator will ensure that all of the money and time you have spent putting together your event will not be wasted because of missed details. Many couples want to assign one of their guests as a their coordinator. That is your option, however we prefer you hire a professional that is not a guest at your wedding. That way everyone is able to enjoy your moment instead of fretting over details.
We are happy to make a recommendation based on your needs and budget.

10. What is your smoking policy?

Absolutely no smoking of any kind is permitted inside the NAMAR Building. Cigarette smokers may smoke outside at least 30 feet from the building’s entrance, doors and windows. Smokers are expected to discard of their cigarettes in the containers that have been provided. Failure to dispose of cigarette butts properly will result in a loss of your Damage Deposit.

11. Do you allow candles?

Yes. Candles are allowed inside the venue. All candles must be safely contained within a container (flame may not extend above the container) or vessel that will properly catch all dripping wax. Due to the wind, using candles outdoors is strongly discouraged.

12. How long do we have access to the building on our event date?

On your event date, the NAMAR Building will be unlocked at 12 pm to allow for vendor deliveries and set-up. Your actual event time is limited to 6 hours for weekend events and 5 hours for weekday events. The event time will begin when your guests are scheduled to enter the building. For example, for a weekend event, if your guests arrive at 6 pm the event should end no later than midnight. Additional hours are $250 per hour. Events cannot exceed 8 hours. The latest you may have guests in the building is 2 am.

13. Do we have to clean the building after our event?

No. All of the caterers on our Approved Vendor List will be responsible for removing the dishes, trash and disposable items from the tables during and after your event. You are responsible for removing all of your personal items and any decorative elements that you may have brought into the building. All vendors are responsible for removing their own equipment at the end of the event.

14. Do you have restrictions on things like glitter, confetti, rose petals, sparklers & balloons?

Yes. Glitter and confetti are not allowed inside or outside of the venue. You will forfeit your damage deposit if either of these things is found scattered around or inside of the venue. Real rose petals are allowed outside of the venue only. Artificial rose petals may NOT be used inside or outside of the venue. A maximum of 15 sparklers are allowed outside only. Balloons are not allowed inside or outside of the venue.

15. Is there a view of the water?

Yes. The NAMAR Building is located just a few yards from the beautiful Laguna Madre Bay. While you cannot see the rolling waves of the ocean from the venue, you do have a lovely view of the sunset over the bay on the west side of the building.

16. Is the venue handicap accessible?

Yes. There is a handicap ramp on the south side of the venue and both restrooms are equipped with handicapped facilities.

17. May I bring my pet to the party?

Your pet may be involved in your outdoor ceremony but since we are serving food inside the venue, your pet may not attend the indoor portion of your event.

18. Can I have a band?

Yes. You are welcome to hire a band to provide the entertainment at your party. However, it’s important that you speak to the venue manager about the band’s space requirements and our floor plans before your hire a band. The venue manager can help you create a floor plan that will provide enough space for the band and their equipment while also making sure that you have enough room to keep you guests comfortable.

19. Does the building have Wi-Fi?

Yes. If you, your guests or your hired vendors should need Wi-Fi access during the event, please ask the venue manager for the current password.

20. Do you offer seasonal discounts?

Yes. In January, February & March the venue rental fee is reduced to $2500 (excluding holidays).

21. Does the building offer any audio-visual equipment?

No. The venue is not equipped with any audio visual equipment. These items should be rented from a vendor of your choice.

22. Is there ample parking for my guests?

Yes. NAMAR has a large private parking area on the south side of the property as well as parking spaces surrounding the building.

23. I have seen photos of the venue lit up with colorful lights. How do I get this look for my event?

A professional lighting company can provide you with this type of specialty lighting to enhance the venue.